Ward, AR
Ward, Arkansas is a nice community in which to live. Ward has a number of amenities that residents need. It is a small town and is a wonderful place to be.

The community in and around Ward was on farming. It has been thought that the community was named after W.D. and Nancy Ward. This family moved to the area in 1860. In the 1870’s, the Cairo and Fulton Railroad Company had a stop in town and the station became a source of commerce for the area. Besides this, settlers moved to the Ward and a school and businesses were formed. The community officially became an incorporated town on Jun 14, 1923. In the 1920’s, a highway connected Ward with the rest of the state and the country. This resulted in businesses growing and the community expanding. Although the interstate moved a mile away due to an expansion, Ward has continued to grow to this day. Detailed information about the history of Ward can be found here.

There are three parks that families and individuals can visit. Baseball Park presents people with wide-open space, and is a wonderful place to play baseball or another type of outdoor sport, such as football or soccer. Bushby Lake is the place in the area where locals go fishing. In fact, fish are stocked in the lake every year. There is a special fishing derby for children to enjoy the popular sport and experience the great outdoors. The Ward Dog Park is the perfect social spot for dogs to enjoy the company of each other and to have a space without any leashes. More information on all of these parks is at www.bestofward.com. In addition to this, there are baseball and softball leagues for children and adults. This information is at www.wardparks.org.

Hunting and fishing are popular pastimes in Ward and in the community. The fact is that the Cypress Bayou Wildlife Management Area is quite popular place for hunters to visit. There are permits and licenses that are available for hunters to get deer, turkey and other species, such as bear, elk, quail and feral hog. More information on this area is at www.agfc.com. Although many businesses moved out of the area, there are still things to see and do in the area. Not too many miles away is the Beebe Shopping Center and it is a terrific place for locals to go shopping. Commerce information can be found here.

Two popular events in Ward is the Chili Cook Off, which is in November each year, and the Christmas Parade in December. The Chili Cook Off always features tough competition from individuals and groups, but the experience is always fun. Santa is known to stop by the Christmas Parade each year. Further information on these events is at www.bestofward.com.

Ward is a nice community in which to live. It is next to the interstate and not very far from Little Rock. It is certainly a draw for people to live in the community.
Victoria Robertson
Victoria Robertson
Executive Broker